3 Tips on Prepping Your Yard and Garden for Spring

Move over winter and make way for spring! With the arrival of warm weather, our lawns and garden beds become priority number one. With that in mind, here are our top 3 tips on prepping your yard and garden for Spring this year!

Yard and Garden

Clear out The Old!

First things first, you will need to clear out any old mulch and/or debris before. Additionally, you will probably have noticed weeds sprouting up everywhere around your yard and garden. Pull out what weeds you can and treat for the rest. Try to give any treatment a full 24 hours before allowing pets and children to go in those areas.

Once cleared out and treated, you can begin planting and laying down new soil supplements and mulch, which is especially important for plants exposed to Central Texas Heat.

Fertilizer and Treatment for Your Yard and Garden

Speaking of soil supplements, your yard and garden beds will definitely need a boost after coming out of cold weather! Spread some season appropriate fertilizer on your lawn before watering it to give it nutrients and help to strengthen it. If you have plants and/or flowers in your garden bed, be sure to give them fertilizer as well. This can come in the form of a powder that can be dissolved into water or in pellets that you can sprinkle around the base of your plants.

One thing to keep in mind is pellets may be appealing to pets, who may try to ingest them. If this is the case, a water-soluble plant food may be a better alternative.

Critters Be Gone!

It doesn’t take long for all sorts of bugs to take over your yard and garden. From mosquitoes and wasps to mites and fire ants, there are hundreds of critters to keep an eye out for! Take a close look at your grass, garden beds, and home exterior and treat any bugs as soon as you see them. Neem oil and citronella work great on pests in your garden beds and boxes, and diatomaceous earth are an excellent treatment for ants and other bugs with a hard exoskeleton.

You can even plant herbs such as rosemary, mint, and lavender, or flowers such as marigolds to help deter bugs as well.

When it comes to prepping your yard and garden for spring, these tips will help keep them in tip-top shape for the season. In need of gardening supplies to get started? Be sure to stop by our Georgetown ReStore to browse our inventory of outdoor garden tools and supplies.

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