HFHWC Quarterly Volunteer Spotlight- Roy Capdeville

Volunteer Spotlight- Roy Capdeville

This quarter’s Volunteer Spotlight features Roy Capdeville who offers his services weekly at the HFHWC ReStore. While originally from New Orleans, Roy graduated from college in Chicago with a master’s degree in education. Shortly after, he was offered a job at a small school in Port Arthur, TX, where he met his wife, Roseann. In […]

Fun Facts About Volunteering

Fun Facts About Volunteering

It can be said that volunteering is one of the most significant and impactful acts we can do in our lifetime. From world hunger and poverty, to homelessness, to animal rescue, there are numerous causes to support. In fact, without their volunteers, nonprofit organizations would be completely unable to function. Check out some of these […]

HFHWC Quarterly Volunteer Spotlight- Beth Wilde

Volunteer Spotlight

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Beth Wilde, who donates her time every week to assist HFHWC’s administrative team. Beth was born Biloxi, Mississippi and moved to Central Texas in 1979, where she met her husband. After obtaining her B.S. in Nursing from UT, she worked in ICU as a critical care nurse for over 30 […]

HFHWC Quarterly Volunteer Spotlight- James Hodnett

Volunteer Spotlight

Our volunteer highlight this month features James Hodnett! James worked almost 40 years as a biochemist in toxicology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. He regularly volunteered for his local HFH affiliate, which allowed him to fulfill his passion for helping those less fortunate in his community. James relocated to Georgetown in 2005 […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Barb Mall

How long have you been a Habitat volunteer? I started volunteering with Habitat in 2003 when my younger daughter graduated from high school and I was looking for a new opportunity for volunteering.  My husband Mike was already a Habitat volunteer and I thought it would be good to be involved in the same organization.  […]

Travel with purpose in 2019

Habitat for Humanity works in over 80 countries around the world.  Volunteers from the United States can travel to many of these locations and build homes and maybe a smokeless stove in partnership with families in need of safe and decent housing. Each Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip offers more than just the opportunity […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Michael Wayne

Why do you choose to support Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County, TX? Besides the obvious of the location (versus driving into Austin), it is a small, tight knit group of regulars (sure we have ebbed and flowed through the years) and everyone is almost like a family member.  We have good synergy & enjoy […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Shirley Harmes

Why do you choose to support Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County, TX? Habitat chose US!  My husband Ed and I were new to Georgetown in 2003.  We joined Sun City hiking club and engaged in social interaction with the then president of the Habitat board of directors and subsequently became part of the Habitat […]